Leveluk Kangen K8 water Machine
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Leveluk Kangen K8 water Machine

Leveluk Kangen K8 water Machine

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We believe in the power of living water and you should to! We refurbished, cleaned, and performed an E-Cleaning on this machine to make sure you are getting everything you need. We ordered all brand-new parts.

Features on this machine include
✔️ Clean water with a pH of 7.0 Good for everyday drinking, taking medication and watering your plants.
✔️ pH 9.5 for everyday drinking, and also acts as a detox for the body.
✔️ pH 6.0 is beauty water. NOT for drinking. Our bodies/hair have a pH of 6.0 so using this for your skin and hair acts as a lotion/conditioner/astringent for after washing your face.
✔️ pH 9.0 is good for everyday drinking and using to cook with.
✔️ pH 8.5 is good for everyday drinking and detox to the body. I recommend starting with 8.5 before going to 9.5. It also is great to use for your teas at home as you won’t even have to steep before drinking.
✔️ last we have strong acidic water. One nozzle will pump out 2.5 pH as the other nozzle will pump out 11.5 pH. Both are NOT used for drinking. Use 11.5 to clean your fruits and veggies. This feature is amazing you guys, as it completely washes off all oils and chemicals on your fruits and veggies. Try it at home, you will be amazed. 2.5 ph is your household cleaner. It legit smells like bleach without the harsh chemicals and is used for a household disinfectant.


Compatible Model:

Kangen k8

Filtration Method:

Alkaline Ionizer

Suitable For:



Water Filter



Item Weight:

12 lbs





Contaminant Removal:

Chlorine Taste & Odor



Number in Pack:


Country/Region of Manufacture:


Leveluk Kangen K8 water machine user manual


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